Bermuda Company formation

Bermuda, situated in the West Atlantic Ocean, is about 917 km from the coast of North Carolina, USA. Bermuda has enjoyed internal autonomy since June 1968, while the UK controls the external affairs and internal security of Bermuda through the office of a Governor. English is a common language, and Portuguese is also in use. 

Bermuda follows the British-based legal system. A Bermuda company is an exempted company designed by foreign investors, which does not have to pay capital gains tax, value added tax, sales tax or gift tax. 


• Provide privacy protection, without disclosing shareholders and directors 

• No tax shall be declarable and payable 

• No double taxation treaties with other countries 

• Company is granted listing in Hong Kong Stock Exchange 

General Requirements 

• There shall be at least one shareholder. Shareholder can be legal person or individuals, without nationality restriction 

• There shall be at least two directors. Directors must be persons, without nationality restriction 

Standard Registered Capital 

• USD12,000 

Required Information and Time for Incorporation 

• English name of company 

• Copies of ID cards or passports of shareholders and directors 

• Registration of company (requires 40 days or so) 

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