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Company registration in Australia is easy with VINI. We can provide you with all the documents you need to set up an Australian company and to register it with VINI.

You get to register the company with the name you want it to have - as long as that company name is allowed and available in Australia. Once you complete the question interface, you will receive:

General Information for your Company Registration

1, What documents are included in the VINI package?

• Certificate of Registration - which shows the ACN (Australian Company Number), the date of registration, and the registered company name; 

• the company's Constitution;

• Consent to act as Director;

• Consent to act as Secretary;

• Application for shares;

• Minutes of a meeting of directors;

• Share Certificates;

• Consent to act as Public Officer;

• Notice of appointment of Public Officer; and

• an Establishment Kit explaining what to do next.

2, What type of company can I register?

You can use VINI  to lodge the Form 201 "Application for registration as an Australian company" electronically for:

• a Pty Ltd company;

• an SMSF trustee only company; or

• a Pty Ltd ¨C not-for-profit company.

If you want to set up your SMSF and register a SMSF trustee only company simultaneously, you can use the SMSF set up + register Corporate Trustee document package.

After you lodge the form through VINI, you will receive the ACN by email immediately ¡ª and can download the Certificate of Registration, Constitution etc. from our VINI site. See a full list of the documents you will receive

3, An Australian first for online company registration

VINI  was the first website in Australia through which you ¡ª by yourself, at anytime ¡ª were able to register a company electronically with   online, and to download all the legal and related documents instantly. This is one of the main reasons that VINI  is used by more than 11,000 professional  firms on behalf of their clients for company registration in Australia.

4, How long does ASIC take to register the company?

Normally, ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) will issue the ACN and Certificate of Registration within 10 minutes ¡ª you can wait at the VINI  site for ASIC's response. The company is then registered.

When ASIC approves the company registration (which usually happens first time), VINI  inserts the ACN in the relevant legal documents ¡ª for example, the minutes of the first directors' meeting, the share certificates, the public officer documents and the Constitution. You can download them straight away.

ASIC has to review some applications manually but will notify you of this promptly. So if you wait more than a few minutes for a response, then it's probably worth logging out and checking again later. VINI  will send you an email when ASIC responds. 

5, Choosing a company name

You can register the company with the name you want it to have ¡ª as long as that company name is allowed and available in Australia. Before registering the company and its name through VINI, please check the VINI site to see if the name you want is taken.

6, What happens if the company registration is rejected?

If the name you want to register your company with is unavailable or ASIC has an issue with your application, then:

• ASIC will reject the application;

• we will send you an email explaining why the company registration has been rejected (you can also find details of the rejection under the heading "What's next?" on your "My Documents" page); 

• you need to change your company name and resubmit the application to ASIC.

7, An overview of some things to consider when registering an Australian company

This guide summarises some of the key requirements and processes for registering and running a company, and flags some important obligations for officeholders. (Please note that this guide does not apply to a company that is ONLY going to be the trustee of a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund ¡ª however, VINI enables you to register those companies and provides the relevant version of the Constitution.)

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