Work Visa for Foreigners

With the development of economy since the reform and open-up policy, more and more people from overseas come to China for investment, employment and commercial services. In order to provide convenience to work and do business legally in China, we especially work out the brief guide for overseas customers.

Requirements for companies to hire foreigners
Employers can hire foreigners out of special needs on condition that they cannot hire proper employees in China, but they must not violate any of the related laws or rules of China.

Requirements for foreign employees
1, minimum age of 18, healthy;
2, professional skills and necessary experience related to the job;
3, no criminal records;
4, certain and available employing department or organization;
5, valid passport or international traveling certificate and valid visa

Materials needed for hiring foreigners
  1, copy of business license;
  2, organization registration code certificate counterpart;
  3, official seal;
  4, employment contract with employers;
  5, employment letter of intent

Materials needed to apply for work visa
  1, valid passport;
  2, proved resume;
  3, qualifications for the applying job; e.g. technical certificate
  4, health certificate; (physical examination in one of specified hospitals)
  5, educational certification;
  6, 6 color photographs in two inches
  7, temporary registration form of accommodation for foreigners (issued by the local police station);
The price
RMB 4000 for one person (except for some countries, you can enquire us about the detailed information)

Please let us know if you have any question, do not hesitate to contact our professional consultants will reply to you as soon as possible, 
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